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The largest 4400 community on Livejournal.
Season 4 of The 4400 starts June 17!

Over the past 100 years, thousands of people have disappeared. Now, they're back. From Executive Producer Francis Ford Coppola's production company, American Zoetrope, comes a haunting new limited series: THE 4400. Over the last century, thousands of people have gone missing. Suddenly and inexplicably, 4400 missing people are returned all at once, as they were on the day they vanished. Unclear what this world-altering event means, the government investigates the 4400 to piece together where they've been and why they've been returned. It quickly becomes apparent that their presence will change the human race in ways no one could have ever forseen.

The Rules are few:

1) Please put spoilers behind a cut. Because our friends in the UK are only just now viewing Season 3, a spoiler will be any Season 4 details.

2) There will be a single post on Sundays for discussion of the episode just shown. This will reduce clutter on friends pages, as we will not have 25 posts one right after the other about the same episode.

3) Please don't promo your communities or post your fanfiction here. There is a 4400 fanfiction community.

4) Any problems, email me at Traceylee (at) Livejournal (dot)com.