Meekie Jalí (miyaunna) wrote in 4400,
Meekie Jalí

A Rant About 4400

Can anyone save this show??

Is it just me, or does Isabelle (and some other members of the cast)
suck?? Her character AND the actress are dry and FORGETTABLE. I mean,
baby Isabell was annoying enough, but grown Isabelle seems
semi-challenged. She is the most powerful chick in the world, yet she comes off as
some snot-nosed chick who is PMSing and only wants to get it on with some
guy who is losing all of his power (not literally). She lacks any kind
of presence and she seems like they just hired some girl who was sort
of famous for the part. WTF???

I was a full-blown 4400 fan until this season. Believe me, I missed
last year's season finale and I waited a whole entire year to see it.
That's right. I waited until the marathon on SciFi a week before the June
premiere to see it, avoiding all the spoilers and giveaways, that's how
dedicated I was.

Now, I think the writers and director have dropped the ball with the
4400. There are so many loopholes, bad acting (ISABELLE) and bad
directing that I can barely make it through each episode without turning to my
sisters in disguist. How CLICHE can you get? Why is Richard so
goddamned stressed out?? Even when he's happy he is STRESSED. And, no, director
of 4400, having a man stand with a 24 hr frown is NOT character
development. It's LAZY. Get's some diaogue that shows a true argument, true
pain or something that expresses TRUE feeling.

What the HELL happened to the intriguing dialogue. The pivitol
characters. The riveting action and high stakes?? Where is the character
development? Characters appear and reappear. It's almost as if Kyle doesn't
exist anymore. Tom has no connection to Shawn, his nephew who was
supposedly really tight with him. That red-headed chick? Where'd she go?
Kyle's sort of girlfriend when he framed that guy who hated Tom and the
gang?? Where did they GO? Maybe they got transported into the future to
have their own little 4400 adventure, who knows. Nothing is said about
them and its ridiculous. It yanks the audience around and its annoying.

Isabelle's "power" seems less like power and more like whining. She's
like a bland blob who stares and moves and sort of gets angry when she
can't have sex or whatever. And Jesus help me, if I have to see Tom's
dumb ass one more time, I think I might puke. He is the biggest idiot of
them all. Why is he even there?? I never really liked Tom, but at least
I could have tolerated him in the past seasons. Now, the dialogue is so
crappy that I flip the channel. Do they really think people will sit
and watch a love story between Tom and Alana when all it comes off as is
forced and fake??

I really, really, really wish the 4400 would get it together, I wish
they would go back to the witty, snappy coolness it used to have. What
happened? Did the Emmy nominations and endorsements cloud the writers'
heads or something? Is the director too busy jetsetting with his newfound
fame and money that he can't be bothered to direct a coherent,
plot-driven scene?

This is just a rant, just to let you know. This is NOT an attack
against people who really find the 4400 interesting. I've just talked to
people and they've said the same things. I tell you, I was really obsessed
with this show. When I would come in from late night partying, I would
watch it. I taped it several times. I mean, come on 4400. This is

Still, next week I might be back on here saying how cool it is. But as
of now, I'm not even sure I'm going to finish the season.
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